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About Company

‘DIP’, -[Design] [Infrastructure] [Planning]-, the Studio started in 2017 with the Vision to be State-of-the-art service provider by offering novel technological solutions of superior quality being innovative with competitiveness. As an experienced design partner, we offer all-round services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects.


‘DIP’ as a full -[Design] [Infrastructure] [Planning]-, that describe the serveries offered by DIP. DIP is a multidisciplinary consultancy studio, operated from Dahod and Vyara cities based in Gujarat, India. Studio is driven by a well-qualified team of young professionals, dedicated in various subjects providing innovative, futuristics, unconventional and conventional solutions in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Urban/Rural Planning, BIM/GIS works and Project Management. Studio has in-house expertise to provide services for all phases of the Civil solutions, starting from conceptual planning to building process for small, medium or large-scale projects involving Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors. We believe in customer Delights rather than Satisfaction for services through well established procedures involving quality control of our work and most importantly collaboration between teams of Design, Construction as well Management.

DIP as a responsible institution, always do its best to sustainable growth keeping positive approach towards environment and community.

DIP was founded in 2017 by Brijesh J. Panchal & Manthan P. Shah. Today DIP is evolving with ambitious spirit and innovative approach. We believe in continuous improvement and exploring to go beyond the boundaries.

Meet our team

Brijesh J. Panchal

principal Planner, BIM, Civil Engineer

Manthan p. Shah

Principal Structure Engineer

Jinal Mavani

Architect & Planner

Shiva Sai Prasad

Principal Transport & Urban Planner, Civil Engineer

Rajesh Varma

GIS Expert

Yagnen Panchal

Civil Engineer

Vaibhavi Panchal

Civil Engineer

Dhairya Panchal

Site Co-Ordinator

Hemant Parghi

Site Co-Ordinator